Soil Health Products For Crops


Organic inoculants are less stressing than chemical fertilizer and deliver better plant health.


From root development to final harvest, your crops will thrive with Cultiv nutrients.


Products grown with Cutiv are more consistent, with less imperfections and have better flavor.


Products grown with Cultiv produce larger yields with better looking longer lasting produce.


Cultiv can cut the cost of fertilization and labor by streamlining the growth cycle.


Soil drench, foliar, drip or overhead irrigation. Always easy, always effective.

Our Agriculture Line

(844) 4-CULTIV


Nassif B
California seed producer
"Triple digit August temperatures and the healthiest our crops have ever looked. CULTIV soil conditioners reinforce the importance of soil biology which is largely overlooked by general agriculture. Our CULTIV treated produce was a hit at this year's seed expo."
John U
Horizen Hydroponic
"Frankly, I was amazed! Pricing is far better than comparable products and it took days off of my propagation time."
Michigan grower
"Highest quality crop and healthiest plants I have ever grown. Cut my veg time by 30%. Happy to have found the CULTIV product line!"
Brandon G
"I have been testing and researching many different methods of cloning using no synthetics. I never found a product with consistent results until I used Cultiv1260. The clones have bigger and stronger roots then any method I've ever tried in addition to getting 100% rooting success on properly cut clones ready for field planting in just 14 days or less. I couldn't image cutting 400,000 clones in 2019 without it."
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