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Cultiv Agriculture Products

Soil Health Nutrients With Mycorrhizal Fungi For Crop Farmers


Plants start rooting in 48 hours! Go from a cutting to soil planting in 7 days as opposed to 21 days.


All of our growing products are made from 100% natural organic materials making the environmentally friendly.


Some of our products are also being used for oily stains, spill cleanups & more.

Our soil inoculant products feature mycorrhizae, a special symbiotic relationship between fungi and plants within the soil. The term refers to the important role that fungi play within plant root systems. These associations allow for fungus to colonize the root tissues in order to supply a much-needed increase in nutrient and organic matter.

Unlike other mycorrhizal inoculants,  Cultiv contains both beneficial and remediating bacteria that work together to develop the perfect root zone. Without badly needed biology, plants don’t have the ability to uptake the vital nutrient that makes your plants thrive.

Can you have thriving crops with low maintenance?

Typically, the two aren’t coupled together. After all, how can you get the healthy soils needed for abundant crops without putting in the hard work?

While some level of plant maintenance is usually needed to for plant health, our soil health products help expedite the growth process while requiring less maintenance, resulting in higher yields.

FUNGI, ARCHAEA, ALGAE and BACTERIA make for a dream team when combined properly and blended with the proper carbon base amendments.

Get beautiful crops with less effort by tapping into your soil structure to improve nutrient absorption with CULTIV.

New to the whole “healthy soil” thing? Here’s what you need to know:

Is soil health the same thing as plant health? Yes and no.

Your soil quality is defined by its capacity to continue functioning as a living ecosystem, vital to sustaining plants, animals, and even humans.

Healthy soils full of nutrients are the very foundation of all sustainable agriculture and crop production. Think about that corn on the cob from your local grocer…It came from good soil health.

The mango picked from your backyard tree? It also came from good soil health.

Whether you’re an Alabama farmer or a Peruvian family living in the Andes, you are dependent upon the right mix of nutrients, water, and organic matter needed for food growth.

Generally, there are five main practices to improve the health of your soil:

  1. Limited disturbance – People and animals may have to track through your soil, but limiting any disturbances can improve your crop growth.
  2. Drainage – Creating proper irrigation drainage will reduce erosion and help roots absorb water.
  3. Diversity – Introducing diversity means doing so across your operation with diverse crop rotations in your soils.
  4. Maximize living roots  – Maintaining live roots within the soil provides the food that earthworms and microbial organisms need to produce essential nutrients that your plant needs.
  5. Integrate animals – Integrating livestock balances the ratio of carbon to nitrogen, encourages regrowth, and reduces the export of plant health nutrients within soils.

If you’re on a search for products to improve your soil and plant health, increase nutrient levels, and bolster your plant production, our soil inoculant products are what you’re looking for.

For farmers or greenhouse managers looking to fast track plant growth the natural way, you can improve the health of your soil by integrating our agricultural inoculants designed to drastically increase crop yields.

Shop our collection of specialized agriculture products below, and feel free to call us directly to speak to a specialist who can recommend the correct nutrient and application for you.

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