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How Farmers Can Maximize Crop Yield

All plants, whether grown in hydroponics or in the soil of a large agricultural operation require a calculated balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium (NPK), as well as macro and micro-elements to grow healthy and vibrant. These nutrients are often available to plants in the soil in small unknown amounts; however, over time they get depleted and require replenishing.

In hydroponics and other soilless growth media, it’s even more important to be sure that your plants get the right nutrients, in their right amounts at the right times. Both hydroponics and soil grown plant nutrient formulations are specific to certain stages of the plants’ life. Plant nutrient requirements change depending on the stage of its life cycle. For instance, most plants in their vegetative stage will require more nitrogen, while the flowering stage will require less nitrogen and more of phosphorus and potassium.

Whether you’re a small scale grower or large scale farmer, you can greatly benefit from using nutrients and soils that are specifically formulated for your type of plants. Some farmers think that the larger the crop the larger margin for error. However, this isn’t the case; choosing good quality nutrient formulations that contain the right kind of elements for plant growth can maximize crop yield in terms of quantity and quality.

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