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Soil being the main problem to our plants in food production in our nation, it also remains as unspoken partner to our farmers. All plants require nutrient soil with well distributed nutrients namely, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) for healthy growth and good performance. Soil nutrients will give a high yield in production of plants and one will farm making profits and preserve our environment for years to come.

Why are nutrients needed in soil

Soil nutrients get depleted as farming is done from one season to the other and this will eventually affect our environment and food production hence increasing hunger. These nutrients will be affected if better care is not taken and ensuring the right component is added to soil to balance the three major nutrients (NPK). Farm soils were not created the same and their nutrients will widely vary. To reduce this and manage these issues the following article will show how soil nutrients can be managed and improved.

First off

Most soils will have imbalanced organic composition due to different locations and regions, soil analysis is carried out to ensure we build up the fungi and bacteria which are helpful to plant in ensuring we have plant growth and high production. Using Cultiv soil remediation products will have this problem solved because we use a wide variety of well researched soil nutrients depending on the region of your farm.


Plants will have to take right nutrients to ensure they are able survive and produce in case there are changes of weather or outbreak of pests or diseases. This is offered by adding the best nutrients depending on the cycle of the plant, that is if it’s planting or towards maturity stage. We have nutrients which will ensure the crops are not affected by any of these problems during farming period and after.


Soil poisoning because of use of other components due lack of knowledge for the right nutrient to use or using contaminated water for irrigation, we have mechanisms to  reduce and prevent any damaging or harmful components hence giving the helpful soil nutrient (bacteria and fungi).

Poor Soil nutrients being the main obstacle to healthy and good yield production to our farmers ending up in poor results, farmers have the assurance of good profit farming. This will be achieved by using our variety of nutrients in our company starting from solution to poor nutrients in soil, using the right component from planting, flowering and harvest. Lastly all our products have guideline of how to use them and how to apply.

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