A must-have for large scale grain, wheat and oat farmers in all growing zones.
ONLY $199 per gallon
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Density – 9.2LBS Per gallon
Derived form:
Remediating & beneficial bacteria, beneficial fungi & carbon base amendments

General Application Instruction
Standard dilution rates Mix CULTIV with water or fertilizer and apply at planting and subsequent applications in furrow or side dress

16 Ounces per acre in furrow at planting
12-14 Ounces per acre – 15-30 days post plant
12-14 Ounces per acre – 45-60 days post plant side dress
For crop specific applications contact manufacturer or
see www.cultiv1260.com or info@cultiv1260.com

Manufactured by:
SUPERBIO LLC. Pleasent, SC. (844)4CULTIV