Cultiv Products

From backyard vegetable gardens to large scale greenhouses and crops, the Cultiv line of Hyper Inoculates are sure to dramatically increase yields

We Blossomed

Cultiv products are innovative fertilizer biocatalysts that enhance plant health and nutrition to help professionals in the agriculture, turf and ornamental industries get the most out of their plant nutrition programs.

Designed to make existing plant nutrition practices more efficient and sustainable, our products maximize the availability of a broad range of nutrients from fertilizers and soil nutrient sources. They also facilitate nutrient uptake by plants, helping to improve plant performance, quality and yield.

The Amount Of Beneficial Bacteria In Our Products

Cultiv 1260 Hyper Inoculate
Acceleroot 1.0 Gold Standard Cloning & Propagation
Acceleroot 2.0 Hardwood & Conifer Propagation Solution
Excelleroot Cloning & Propagation
1260 Hyper Inoculant
  • Microbial Inoculant
  • 1260 Beneficial Bacteria
  • Roots In 36 Hours
  • Clones In 2-3 Days
  • 3:1 Liquid Ratio
  • Pairs With ALL Cultiv Products
  • 30 Day Guarantee
Acceleroot 1.0
  • Cloning & Propagation
  • 975 Beneficial Bacteria
  • Roots In 42 Hours
  • Clones in 3 Days
  • 3:1 Liquid Formula
  • Use With Amazon Living10 Soil
  • 30 Day Guarantee
Acceleroot 2.0
  • Conifers & Hardwoods
  • 1024 Beneficial Bacteria
  • Roots In 42 Hours
  • Clones In 5 Days
  • 5:1 Liquid Ratio
  • Use With Amazon Living10 Soil
  • 30 Day Guarantee
ExcelleRoot 3.0
  • Cloning & Propagation
  • 792 Beneficial Bacteria
  • Promotes SUPER ROOTS
  • Promotes Stronger Clones
  • 1 Sq. Acre Coverage
  • Use With Excelleroot C&P
  • 30 Day Guarantee
Amazon Living10
  • Organic Nutrient Soil
  • 792 Beneficial Bacteria
  • Promotes SUPER SOILS
  • Promotes Stronger Clones
  • 1 Sq. Acre Coverage
  • Use With Excelleroot C&P
  • 30 Day Guarantee
Amazon Nutrient
  • Organic Nutrient
  • 792 Beneficial Bacteria
  • Promotes SUPER ROOTS
  • Promotes Healthier Crops
  • 1 Sq. Acre Coverage
  • Use With Excelleroot C&P
  • 30 Day Guarantee

Our Products

Designed for general nursery plants in the hardwood and conifer markets to speed propagation and move plants to market at an accelerated rate.
Educational series designed to teach the importance of agriculture and our food supply. Discounts apply for schools and agricultural programs. Complete seed to harvest system. …
Contains a blend of beneficial bacteria, fungi and rooting amendments that will accelerate your propagation time and root development. Better root development creates healthier plants …
A blend of organic soil nutrient and biology that will bring your soil back to life. Amazon living 10 will help your plants grow longer …
A propagation soil nutrient used for maintaining seedlings, young clones and plants prior to final field planting. Give your plants the boost and developmental edge …
Designed to maintain optimal soil health by delivering sustainable soil technology. Root development, Nutrient uptake and growth rate are all a product of soil quality …

Beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal Fungi create the symbiotic relationship that is the foundation of plant life.

Mycorrhizal Fungi increase the surface absorbing area of roots up to 1000 times while beneficial bacteria deliver water and needed nutrient to the expanded root system.

Our products greatly improve the ability of the plant to use all of the soils resources.

Cultiv propagation materials are designed to speed up the root development process to move cuttings to soil in 7-9 days.

While there are many variables in the propagation process, our blend of bacteria, amendments and vitamins maintain consistency in the cut to soil timeline.

Increased root development and growth rates are what we do!

Take the guesswork out of your new grow with a Cultiv grow system.

Everything you need, from clone to harvest, easy to follow instructions and an all-in-one cost cutting package give beginners the confidence to see the project through.

Don't pay the price to go a' la carte when you can grow with a Cultiv grow system

The Story Behind Our Products

Our story began 20 years ago working humanitarian development in Central and South America. The process of land reclamation with the United Nation's Mine Action Program and Mine Victim Assistance paved the road to increased agricultural development and increased yield programs. Our programs opened the eyes of the world to the hardships faced by impoverished indigenous Andean culture. Sustainable agriculture above 10,000 feet seemed nearly impossible in the arid windscaped land high in the Andes.
However 500 years earlier, Inca culture supported a thriving community in Cusco and Machu Picchu, what was their secret?

In the quest for the cup, a long lost chalice from Inca kings, historians and researchers gathered evidence of agricultural techniques as well as residue from communal compost and Bio-Char where bacteria and fungi have grown and steeped for millennia.

This residue, a Bio catalyst known as Cultiv is the building block and foundation of 500 years of agricultural development. Long before Fertilizers and pesticides existed, Inca culture was thriving in some of the most inhospitable areas growing abundant food.

Now, Cultiv 1260 Hyper Inoculate is helping agriculture step away from chemical contamination and back into the foot steps of history. The Cultiv line of beneficial bacteria and fungi are pushing yields higher while decreasing fertilizer cost and reducing environmental contamination.

Try the Cultiv line and take 500 years of research and put it to work.

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