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All plants, whether grown in hydroponics or in the soil of a large agricultural operation require a calculated balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium (NPK), as well as macro and micro-elements to grow healthy and vibrant. These nutrients are often available to plants in the soil in small unknown amounts; however, over time they get depleted and require replenishing.

In hydroponics and other soilless growth media, it’s even more important to be sure that your plants get the right nutrients, in their right amounts at the right times. Both hydroponics and soil grown plant nutrient formulations are specific to certain stages of the plants’ life. Plant nutrient requirements change depending on the stage of its life cycle. For instance, most plants in their vegetative stage will require more nitrogen, while the flowering stage will require less nitrogen and more of phosphorus and potassium.

Whether you’re a small scale grower or large scale farmer, you can greatly benefit from using nutrients and soils that are specifically formulated for your type of plants. Some farmers think that the larger the crop the larger margin for error. However, this isn’t the case; choosing good quality nutrient formulations that contain the right kind of elements for plant growth can maximize crop yield in terms of quantity and quality.

At Cultiv, we take the guesswork out of the way when it comes to offering nutrients and soil formulations. We’ve done the math and our innovative fertilizers help enhance plant nutrition and health to assist farmers in agriculture, ornamental and turf industries get the most out of their plant operations. Our products are designed to enhance the efficiency of existing plant nutrition practices and make them more sustainable.

For farmers and horticulture enthusiasts.

By using our products, you will be able to maximize the availability of a wide range of nutrients from soil and fertilizer sources. Additionally, they will facilitate faster nutrient uptake and hasten stem, leaf, flower, and fruit growth. Here is a quick look at our top six products;

1. Cultiv 1260 Hyper Inoculant: Designed to improve the health of your soil through its sustainable soil technology. The end result is improved nutrient uptake, root development, and growth rate.

2. Acceleroot 1.0 Gold Standard (Cloning and Propagating Agent): formulated using a blend of beneficial fungi, bacteria and root amendments designed to accelerate propagation time and root development.

3. Acceleroot 2.0 Gold Standard (Conifer and Hardwood Propagation Solution): designed to speed up the propagation process of conifer and hardwood general nursery plants.

4. Excelleroot 3.0 (Cloning and Propagation Agent): this is a propagation soil nutrient formulation designed to maintain seedlings, young plants and clones prior to field planting.

5. Amazon Soil and Compost Biology-Builder: it supplies everything your plant needs to thrive.

6. Amazon Organic Nutrient: this contains a mixture of organic nutrients and biological agents that will enable your crops to grow much longer with little or no fertilizer.

Agricultural farmers can now grow stronger healthier plants, more vibrant fruits, and vegetables, reduce waste and overall cost of Cultiv nutrients and soils. From root establishment to the final harvest, your crop will be well taken care of. Farmers using our products have reported more consistent yield, fewer imperfections and a better flavor in their food crops. Additionally, our products are easy to apply; from foliar spray and soil drench to overhead and drip irrigation.

To inquire further about the eco friendly Cultiv product line, please visit our secure website for information, ordering and special pricing.

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