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We studied and lived in Peru and our products are inspired by iconic Machu Picchu, which encapsulates some of the sophisticated ingenuity behind the Incan civilizations' agricultural practices and irrigation techniques.

Cultiv is dedicated to producing the safest and most effective growing products that will keep your plants and grow operation producing fast results for many years with low maintenance, just like this fascinating wonder of the world in the Andes Mountains.

We are a group of scientific minded agricultural
humanitarians who consider horticulture and the
food production industry to be of the utmost

Our Story

The CULTIV product line was born out of the mountains of Peru where the survival of a family is dependent on their agricultural abilities. Surviving on home grown agriculture  with difficult growing conditions and without the resources for commercial amendments can be extremely challenging.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping yield increase programs with our CULTIV product line that will help feed the world. Having been exposed to the neediest and most disadvantaged communities in South America, we decided to make a difference  by helping subsistence farmers increase their production and yields in order to better care for their families and communities.

Keeping our customers happy

Our field service technicians and agronomist provide constant feedback and farm support by providing technical data throughout the grow cycle.


That's the key to quantifying the value of agricultural products. Cultiv agronomist monitor all farms using our product line as well as all test platforms for future Cultiv users.